Xclusive Yachts now offers you the lowest price for charters with the best yachts and the best services! This will surely be a yacht trip of your life that you do not want to miss. 5 STAR SERVICE AT A 3 STAR PRICE!

Summer is here and outdoor activities are almost impossible - but we all deserve a break from a long week of painstaking work, crowded places and bustling streets.  Have you thought of a better way to spend your summer weekend or just your ordinary summer day outdoor? Going to malls, parks, hotels and other outdoor activities could pretty much be more of a routinary. What better way than taking some time off from the bustling and crowded streets to head off to the calm and quiet sea and reel in your hook with your best catch.

From a 35ft high-powered sports cruiser to a Sophisticated 84ft stunning VIP Yacht, we own some of the extremely luxurious yachts in Dubai. We have listed 2 of our exceedingly luxurious yachts you can charter per hour and we can guarantee you with the ultimate luxurious yacht trip experience and exceptional hospitality service on board. 

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