Island Getaway - Your Own Slice of Paradise! for AED 5,000

Unplug and unwind with our exclusive Island Getaway Package to The Island at the World Islands. Escape the ordinary and dive into an unparalleled island experience that promises solace, luxury, and adventure.

Whether you're a couple fleeing the chilly winter winds or a family seeking the ultimate vacation to reconnect and recharge, we have curated this getaway to be your idyllic home-away-from-home.

  • BBQ Bonanza: Elevate your island experience with a state-of-the-art BBQ setup, letting you savor grilled delights under the sun or stars. 
  • Electric Sea Board Adventure: Glide effortlessly over the shimmering waters and feel the thrill of the ocean beneath with our cutting-edge electric sea board.
  • Crystal Kayak Exploration: Discover the underwater world like never before with our crystal-clear kayaks. Revel in the beauty of marine life while staying dry and comfortable above the waves.
  • Breezers: Sip on refreshing breezers as you let the island vibes wash over you. Every sip takes you deeper into the realm of relaxation.
  • Ultimate Comfort: Sink into our comfortable chairs set under wide, protective umbrellas. And with plush towels at your disposal, your comfort remains our utmost priority.

Rediscover paradise, one moment at a time, with our Island Getaway. It’s not just a destination—it's a journey to euphoria.