The Best of Dubai's Fishing Packages

  • 08 Jul 2018

Xclusive Yachts provides the unrivaled all-inclusive fishing package that will accommodate the novice and first-time anglers to the fishing professional! Enjoy the pleasure of a 4-hour sports fishing on board our stylish and sophisticated 35ft Gulf Craft Cruiser furnished with fully functional lavatory. This sports cruiser can accommodate a maximum of 8 guests on board with the supervision of our 2 well trained and fishing versed crew. For the price of AED2500 - all inclusive of tackles and baits, you can very well utilize your time fishing out in the deep. Wait! - we do not just provide any kind of fishing equipment, we give you top quality and professional set of fishing gear.    

We have mastered specializing in luxury yachting, sightseeing & fishing experience for over 10 years. Thus, we can guarantee you with a great catch, otherwise, you can get 50% discount on your next trip with us. We highly recommend to our guest a minimum of 4 and maximum of 6 hours for an optimum fishing experience. Our goal is to snatch any of the following fish groups; King Fish, Queen Fish, Barracuda, Cobia, Grouper, Tuna as these species are the most common in Dubai and fulfilling to catch in the deep.  

Departing from Xclusive Pocket Marina, we set sail at 6 AM towards the deep area of the Arabian Gulf. We usually fish about 16 miles off the shoreline which would take about 30 minutes. Our boats and Captain are geared with fish finders and GPS coordinates tried and tested for both trolling and bottom fishing. To top-off this fishing experience, we will provide you with soft drinks – water, juices and ice and our crew will bbq your catch right on board, guaranteed fresh and savory grilled! Should you decide to go on swimming and you have enough time left, then our captain can make it possible in the lagoon area near The Palm. This is the perfect summer getaway with the most picturesque views of the Dubai coastline.

We focus on quality and service, thus we have our team of expert anglers with 5-star quality customer service training ensuring you with the best experience and a satisfied repeat customer every time!  

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