Dubai Yacht Reviews, 48ft Luxury Yacht

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Tamara Jagerska

Good day, I would like to praise the trip! Everything was perfect on the boat was a good atmosphere all the time. Our captain and the whole team were extremely handy! Also jet ski fantastic we had fun. Thank you for coming again!

24 Jul 2021 48ft Luxury Yacht

Ahmad Ibrahim

Thank you

23 Jul 2021 48ft Luxury Yacht

Wayne Christian

Fantastic experience - the entire team was helpful and we all enjoyed it. The vessel was as promised, of a high standard, and very clean. I would recoomdned this experience to anyone visiting Dubai.

30 Jun 2021 48ft Luxury Yacht

Angela Lombardi

The crew were very friendly, we all had a great evening.

26 Jun 2021 48ft Luxury Yacht

Robert Marciniak

A memorable and unique experience. Friendly staff. Great Yachts. Definitely worth recommending.

05 May 2021 48ft Luxury Yacht


Excellent experience with great team!

13 Apr 2021 48ft Luxury Yacht

Dr. Manuel Seiwerth

Second time. Fantastic again.

07 Apr 2021 48ft Luxury Yacht


Everything top class. Big thanks to the crew and Ron and will definitely be back.

06 Apr 2021 48ft Luxury Yacht

Zachary Millican

We loved it and will be back soon!!!

02 Apr 2021 48ft Luxury Yacht

Christophe Mirek

Everything was amazing!! The crew was so nice. They take care a great of our kids and ourselves. We will definitely come back and recommend you to our friends. See you. Christophe

30 Mar 2021 48ft Luxury Yacht

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