Dubai Yacht Reviews, 65ft Luxury Yacht

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Nikolai ivanov

Nice tour.

31 Dec 2021 65ft Luxury Yacht

Oscar Hilt Tatum

We had a great time on board. The food was great and the staff were fantastic. Thank you

22 Dec 2021 65ft Luxury Yacht

Omar / Boat Club member

Great experience

27 Oct 2021 65ft Luxury Yacht

Matt Bicks

A great day was had by all of us. The captain and crew were very helpful and knowledgeable and told us about all the sights of Dubai during our charter

20 Sep 2021 65ft Luxury Yacht


The yacht was very nice, it was clean the crew were very friendly. I want to give a special thanks to Swabri he was very friendly and helpful

09 Sep 2021 65ft Luxury Yacht

Tarek Gazar

Amazing crew!! Very helpful and made the yacht experience the best it could get! Highly recommended

22 Jul 2021 65ft Luxury Yacht

Angus Ianson

Captain Albert and his crew were perfect hosts and enjoyed the Party as much as we did . Thank you

11 Jun 2021 65ft Luxury Yacht


Great boat for short and most comfortable stay

03 Dec 2020 65ft Luxury Yacht

Anurag Misra

The staff was AWESOME! They were courteous, kind, understanding, caring, awesome, and amazing. My entire party was impressed by their service. The best way to describe is MAGICAL! I'm still smiling from last night. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!

02 Dec 2020 65ft Luxury Yacht


Our Captain and crew were very attentive, friendly and helpful. They all helped us celebrate our special day! Highly recommended. The service was first class and personalized. Please note we provided our own catering but they were very accommodating in assisting us - from loading the catering, keeping it chilled and also offering to our guests. There was no option to not select rating the cuisine section.

20 Nov 2020 65ft Luxury Yacht

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