New Year's Eve Fireworks Yacht Viewing Packages

  • New Year's Eve Fireworks Yacht Viewing Packages
  • New Year's Eve Fireworks Yacht Viewing Packages
  • New Year's Eve Fireworks Yacht Viewing Packages

New Year's Eve Yacht Packages: A Night Under the Fireworks

Join us on the most awaited night of the year with our exclusive yacht packages, each offering a unique vantage point of Dubai's spectacular New Year's Eve fireworks. Select from our diverse fleet tailored to provide the perfect celebration experience for you and your guests:

  • XCLUSIVE 5 (35FT | 9 pax | AED 9,500): Ideal for intimate gatherings, this cozy yacht ensures a personal and close-up view of the fireworks.
  • XCLUSIVE 13 (36FT | 9 pax | AED 9,500): With its sleek design, this vessel is perfect for small groups seeking an exclusive setting to ring in the new year.
  • XCLUSIVE 20 (40FT | 10 pax | AED 9,500): Savor the festive atmosphere with family or friends aboard this comfortable yacht.
  • XCLUSIVE 4 (48FT | 10 pax | AED 20,000): Step up the luxury with more space and onboard amenities to celebrate in style.
  • XCLUSIVE 27 (98FT | 35 pax | AED 20,000): Host a larger party and enjoy the grandeur of Dubai's fireworks from an impressive yacht.
  • XCCLUSIVE 7 (48FT | 10 pax | AED 30,000): This yacht combines luxury and intimacy, perfect for exclusive gatherings.
  • XCLUSIVE 9 (52FT | 15 pax | AED 30,000): Share the joy with an extended circle on this spacious and elegant yacht.
  • XCCLUSIVE 10 (53FT | 15 pax | AED 30,000): Revel in the new year with a select group, enjoying comfort and class.
  • XCLUSIVE 33 (55FT | 15 pax | AED 30,000): A mid-sized yacht offering a balance of luxury and comfort for your celebration.
  • XCLUSIVE 32 (75FT | 25 pax | AED 50,000): Gather your friends and family for a memorable celebration on this spacious yacht, offering both comfort and stunning views.
  • XCLUSIVE 12 (78FT | 30 pax | AED 50,000): Perfect for larger groups, this yacht provides ample space to dance the night away under the fireworks.
  • XCLUSIVE 25 (80FT | 45 pax | AED 50,000): Luxuriate in style with a mid-sized crowd, enjoying premium amenities and services.
  • XCLUSIVE 16 (84FT | 16 pax | AED 50,000): Enjoy an intimate setting with a few close ones on this sizable yacht, ideal for those who prefer a quieter celebration.
  • XCLUSIVE 2 (86FT | 50 pax | AED 60,000): Host a grand party with this beautiful yacht and make the last moments of the year truly count.
  • XCLUSIVE 8 (90FT | 60 pax | AED 50,000): The perfect choice for hosting a luxurious and lively New Year's Eve party, with plenty of space for entertainment.
  • XCLUSIVE 15 (125FT | 200 pax | AED 150,000): Our flagship yacht for the ultimate New Year's Eve celebration, complete with all the grandeur and elegance you could wish for. 

Each yacht offers a unique experience to usher in the new year. With our Early Bird Prices, enjoy a special rate when you book before November 15. Don’t miss the chance to experience the magic of the New Year's Eve fireworks from the best seats in Dubai.

To learn more about each yacht and to secure your New Year's Eve celebration at sea, please contact us at 04 432 7233 or visit our website. Remember, these exclusive packages are limited, so reserve your yacht early and ensure a New Year's Eve you and your guests will remember forever.