With its new 140 feet STARDOM, Xclusive Yachts has taken the yacht experience to a new level

  • 30 Dec 2022

It is also aimed at residents, who can get a once-in-a-lifetime experience that is never forgotten. Superyachts tend to be for the rich and famous, hence only limiting access to some of the population, however, with this concept from Xclusive Yachts everyone can now live the millionaire lifestyle

When you want to celebrate your love for privacy, freedom, and an extensive range of choices that let your experience star treatment, a yacht for a holiday could be the most viable alternative. It lets you combine the best elements of travel and enjoyment in a single fantastic experience – as if you are enjoying a luxurious villa-like 5-star treatment, moving on a cruise, celebrating exotic on-sea parties, and cherishing the beautiful views of the Mediterranean.

To help you taste this ultimate luxury, Xclusive Yachts launched their all-new Stardom super yacht. This 42-meter tri-deck is located in the special seafront district of Dubai harbor.  With its beautiful sky lounge, six stair rooms, and two lounges, this ornate yacht delivers once-in-a-lifetime experiences to you, your family, and your friends. In other words, this extraordinary superyacht has changed the scenario of yacht rental in Dubai. 

In order to cater to its global guests, Xclusive Yachts has employed 16 efficient crew members from 6 different countries at Stardom. These features live entertainment and DJ as this luxurious vessel allows one to enjoy vibrant and rocking vacations. Additionally, the yacht offers its customers a truly memorable on-sea dining experience. Its exclusive culinary services are made extraordinary with the harmony of flavors, the quality of the ingredients, and the mastery of the techniques, especially by its Star chef. The boat is also equipped with a world-class jacuzzi, helping you to relax and unwind and taste the taste of the ultimate comfort and luxe.

When you take your guests to this newly launched yacht from Xclusive, you enable them to experience the incomparable taste of splendor and royalty. Delectable food, red carpet on arrival, dedicated meet-and-greet – this giant yacht has it all. Xclusive started its journey in 2006 with only one boat, and Amit Patel was the man behind the curtain. With the ambition of satisfying common people with the unparalleled experience of royalty, Amit came up with Xclusive Yachts.

With his vision of building a peerless brand in the yacht domain, Amit’s Xclusive Yachts finally managed to earn tangible popularity. Amit keeps on motivating his team to live up to the expectations of their clients.

Xclusive Yachts address all those who want to breathe in some air of adventure in the gorgeous sea of Dubai. When it comes to customer satisfaction, Xclusive Yachts crosses the extra mile. To award their guests an unforgettable memory, Xclusive Yachts crafts uniqueness, and innovation every day.

To thrive in the fast-changing yacht industry, Xclusive Yachts keeps on changing its strategies so that it can always stay up to date with the consumer’s behavioral shift, apart from innovation. Xclusive Yachts also focus on cost efficiency.