Enjoy hassle-free boat driving with Xclusive Boat Club

  • 29 Apr 2018

The Maritime leisure experiences have ever been increasing in the region and have seen a growing interest in people wanting to get on to the waters. On the contrary, owning a boat in Dubai is not the easiest or the cheapest option. To accommodate the favorable inclination towards the boating industry in Dubai, Xclusive Yachts have launched their latest venture of an ‘Xclusive Boat Club’ that allows one to be the Captain of a choice of well maintained fleet. Conceptualized for convenience, it is the easiest and the cheapest way to get on to the waters without the hassle of owning a boat.

Having been in the industry for over a decade, and with staff whose combined experience range over 100 years, Xclusive Yachts are considered masters in the field. The fleet owned by Xclusive Boat Club is brand new and includes fishing boats, wakeboarding boats, surfing boats, mini yachts, speed cruisers and many more. The amenities and additional extra’s such as wakeboards, ski’s, tubes, knee boards, fishing equipment, BBQ and even Xclusive’s own captains will be available on request – ensuring room for all the fun activities out at sea.

The Club offers an attractive membership plan with unbelievable perks upon joining. The members can also enjoy an exclusive 25% off on all products and services offered by Xclusive Yachts. The Boat Club functions as a community and will have regular events that only members, their friends and family can enjoy – that no other boat club offers! Whether that’s going on a dinner cruise on a luxury house boat or ending the weekend with a few sunset drinks on one of the super yachts!

Operating from Dubai Marina, Xclusive Boat Club offers the ultimate turn-up and go service. The Club also assists clients to get their boating licence with their in house Xclusive Sea School which offers an international RYA certified licence. The expert Captains and trainers at the Sea School will equip guests to master the art of driving a boat with the required confidence and skills.

Xclusive Boat Club termed as the ‘Only Five Star Boat Club’ offers its members a transparent system to book their favorite boats online, guaranteeing 2 prior bookings at any given time and ensures the best support services for easy accessibility. From cleaning to maintenance, fuelling to berthing, the members get unlimited access to their premium fleet of boats and yachts.

So forget the hassle of buying a boat that comes in with numerous hidden costs and let the experts at Xclusive Boat Club take care of your desired boating experience.  Make an intelligent choice this summer and beat the heat with the Club’s VIP service!

For more details log on to xclusiveboatclub.com or call 04 566 8022