Xclusive Yacht’s Concept, Sea School Records Highest Number of Students Trained

  • 30 Dec 2022

Xclusive Sea School by Xclusive Yachts - Yacht rental in Dubai is an RYA-approved and DMCA-registered institute that offers students to learn how to drive boats up to 12m. The Sea School has seen a surge in applications for learning post Covid. Xclusive Sea School has witnessed demand increase by 400% and has trained more students in the last 12 months than ever before in history.

While sea and water activities remain very prominent in UAE, Xclusive Sea School has brought in something very fresh and fun. The Xclusive Sea School is a concept built by Xclusive Yachts keeping in mind the consumer mindset and the need of the hour. This innovative school trains students to drive a boat. In the last year, Xclusive Sea School has seen a whopping 300% growth in the number of students being trained. Xclusive Sea School has been training more students than ever before and Patel, the principal of Sea School strongly believes that this is a result of the change in consumer behavior post-covid. People now want to try different activities that are in their locality than sorting to things like hitting the road or traveling with expensive airfares. This has resulted in more boaters than ever before in the region. 

In terms of the course, the Sea School management is very aware of consumer expectations and hence caters to the busy lifestyles of people these days. Keeping in mind the timeliness and convenience for its customers, Xclusive Sea School provides a 2-day course for those who wish to learn how to drive a boat. This short course covers absolutely everything essential to learn how to drive a boat. 

Patel, the principal of the school stated, “We have seen a huge increase in demand for people to be trained to become captains, this is partly due to the shift in consumer behavior post covid. People now prefer trying recreational activities around their vicinity. People want to spend time on the water now more than ever before. Travel has opened up again but demand is still high for people wanting to rent their own boats or join clubs. Our Boat Club has also seen a massive spike in interest since it is a very innovative concept of the alternative to boat ownership”

Comprising of 70% practical and 30% theoretical syllabus, the course is very easy to learn and teaches about basic sea navigation using both the global positioning system and nautical chart. Right from boat safety and safety checks to parking practice and weather information – everything small and important is covered thoroughly. The course also covers knowledge about night navigation systems, something that is key for those who plan on driving at night. Some other areas that are covered to help prepare students to become captains are marine communications, maneuvering, and speed driving.

This course is certified by RYA, Royal Yachting Association – the world’s oldest and most respected marine training institute. RYA certifications make sure the highest standards are met. The course certificate is issued just within two days after the completion of the course. The certificate is recognized internationally as well and is non-expirable. The certificate is recognized across 300-plus countries. 

While boating is fun, it comes with its very own safety rules and this is prioritized at sea school. Abdul Malik Rasool Bakhsh, the Sea School chief instructor shares with us the importance of safety, “Boating is always an amazing activity, but if you do it wrong, it is also dangerous. We have to be focused to follow the sea rules and the underwater hazards. Safe speed is always key. To be a captain, it’s your responsibility to make sure everyone comes back safe”

The Sea School is the fastest growing and only 5-star training institute in the whole of the Middle East. Angel, The Sea School Administrator, says “Driving a boat has always been one of my dreams and Xclusive Sea School allowed me to share that dream with others. At Sea School, we don’t just share moments, we create memories of a lifetime” 

The Sea School has made the unimaginable possible. This course guarantees the most student-friendly experience for one and a convenient streamlined process. Most of the students who get certified as a captain, then join the boat club where they can drive and navigate a fleet of over 50 boats without having to own them. Xclusive Yachts is the only yacht company to have its own in-house accredited training institute that is recognized internationally.