E-Foil Hydro-foiling Board Session with Xclusive Yachts

  • 10 Nov 2020

E-foiling or electric-powered hydrofoil surfboard, in layman’s terms, a flying surfboard. This activity has taken the existing watersport of foiling and added an electric motor controlled by a handheld remote.

This fun and mind-blowing activity is an over-the-water experience unlike anything else in wakeboarding. Okay, it’s not possible to actually walk on water, but e-foiling will help you to literally fly above any surface of the water.

If you are new to foiling, we can guarantee you that it is not as intimidating as you think. Our instructors will help you learn the basic skill you will need to become a proficient foiler. We collaborated with the best experts from imarine who set up the first E-foiling rental and training center in the world. We use boards produced by Waydoo & Efoil Fly, a brand that guarantees state of the art technology and a chance to experience the evolution of surfing.

What can you expect? 

  • Full Instructor session on and off the water, instructions and guidance
  • Full E-foil unit (battery , strut, foil etc.). Set-up by our expert safety equipment. 

The E-foils provide their own power and features a wing foil where riders with NO experience have taken off within the first five minutes. 

Come see what the foiling craze is about! 

Grab a friend and get ready to experience the feeling of flight with Xclusive E-Foiling and enjoy the best view of Dubai Skyline.  Carve up the waters and ride the waves like a pro. Fly with us on this first of Dubai's 5-star e-foiling experience behind-the-boat riding.

We are operating daily from 9AM - 5PM price at AED 1000 per hour or call/WhatsApp 04 432 7233.