• 29 Dec 2019

Within less than a year from the launching of Xclusive Boat Club in Dubai, we are now the “Only Five Star Boat Club” in Dubai, UAE. Following its success, there have been great demands from our members to open Xclusive Boat Club in Abu Dhabi. We also felt the desire of every avid boat lovers and watersports enthusiast in Abu Dhabi to get their hands on the wheel! Hence we are thrilled to announce that Xclusive Boat Club is now operating in Yas Marina, Abu Dhabi.

Yas Marina is located right beside the Yas Marina Circuit on the Yas Marina Island claiming to be one of the most beautiful Marinas in all of Abu Dhabi. Enclosed within the Yas Marina Island, berth some of the most luxurious yachts in Abu Dhabi, making it the best and most desirable location for the next “5-star” boat club in UAE – Xclusive Boat Club Abu Dhabi.

What made Xclusive Boat Club Dubai a success is that we own our fleet and we take really good care of our vessels.   All of our boats are purchased brand new and are meticulously maintained by our own Xclusive Marine services. Our fleet range from fishing boats, wakeboarding boats, mini yachts, and speed cruiser.

Now operating in Yas Marina, Abu Dhabi, Xclusive Boat Club have varied types of memberships. Each type is meant to satisfy anyone’s budget and demands. Whether you are a casual sailor or just want to relish the waves, we are the best boat club for you. Every member enjoys a transparent system to book their favorite boats online guaranteeing 2 prior bookings at any given time.

Our introductory membership offers no joining fee. Mid-week membership at AED 1500 per month and VIP membership at AED 2000 per month. Membership includes 2-day training to get your RYA certificate to drive a boat of up to 12meters. 

Xclusive Boat Club offers all members the ultimate “turn-up and go” service. Members just show up to the dock and we have the boat fueled up and ready to go. Returning the boat is as hassle and worry-free as our team takes care of the after cleaning. Don’t wait any longer. Contact us now for more details or call 02 679 4477. 

Save your money and forget the hassle of buying a boat that comes with numerous hidden costs. Xclusive Boat Club guarantees, no hidden registration, berthing, maintenance, storage or cleaning costs. Let Xclusive Boat Club Abu Dhabi take care of your desired boating lifestyle experience.