Unforgettable Moments Await Aboard Xclusive Yachts: Dubai's Premier Outdoor Venue

  • 13 Oct 2023

When considering planning a spectacular event, there are key ingredients to making it unforgettable: the right company, the perfect atmosphere, and a breathtaking location. Xclusive Yachts brings you a unique blend of all these elements, offering unmatched, luxurious, and small event venues in Dubai, with the mighty ocean as your backdrop.

Make Every Moment Iconic with Xclusive Yachts

Set amidst the scenic expanse of the Dubai Marina and Harbour, Xclusive Yachts offers more than just a venue – it's an escape into a world where the horizon is limitless. With three standout yachts: Xclusive 8, Xclusive 15, and Stardom, we assure you a serene yet vibrant setting to host all your important events.

Xclusive 8: Offers an intimate yet luxurious space with an upper deck and a lower deck complete with air conditioning. It can host up to 80 guests, starting from AED 10000.

Xclusive 15: A spacious venue for larger gatherings, boasting amenities across the upper and lower decks, and can comfortably accommodate up to 200 guests, starting from AED 30000.

Stardom: A lavish triple-deck yacht, equipped with a Jacuzzi, 5 cabins, and has a capacity for up to 125 guests, starting from AED 50000.

Whether it’s a close-knit gathering or a larger-than-life celebration, find your perfect private party venue in Dubai on board our stunning yachts.

The Ideal Outdoor Venues in Dubai

Imagine exchanging vows, launching your newest product, or celebrating your company's success with the enchanting Dubai skyline painting the perfect backdrop. As one of the premier outdoor venues in Dubai, Xclusive Yachts promises not only a luxurious setting but also a cascade of services to ensure your event sails smoothly towards success.

Effortless Planning, Unmatched Execution

Our range of event possibilities is as boundless as the ocean: Company staff parties, corporate events, team-building events, office parties, product launches, award ceremonies, and conferences - your imaginations are the only limit aboard Xclusive Yachts.

With an unwavering commitment to excellence, our dedicated team coordinates and curates the perfect ambiance, whether casual or elegant, ensuring your nautical adventure becomes the talk of the town.

From the moment you step aboard, every detail, from catering to entertainment, is meticulously planned and executed, with packages starting from AED 350 per person, accommodating events for up to 200 guests.

Highlighting Excellence in Every Aspect

Our onboard services are tailored to meet and exceed your expectations, offering impeccable hospitality, world-class entertainment, exquisite cuisine, captivating décor, professional DJ, and a photographer to capture every magical moment.


Q: What is the capacity of the boat?

Answer: We have two houseboats, with capacities to accommodate up to 80 and 200 guests, respectively.

Q: Do you provide any crew?

Answer: Yes, we provide up to 6 crew members, 1 captain, and 1 event supervisor to ensure smooth sailing.

Q: Do you provide catering?

Answer: Absolutely, we partner with a 5-star catering supplier, offering a variety of delightful menus.

Q: Can we bring our own catering?

Answer: Yes, while your suppliers will need to provide all catering equipment, including table covers, chair covers, cutlery, crockery, and service staff.

Q: Do you provide any entertainment?

Answer: Yes, we can arrange entertainment, such as DJs, Salsa Dancers, magicians, and more, at an additional cost through external suppliers.

Q: Do you provide any furniture?

Answer: Yes, our onboard furniture includes dining tables, banquet chairs, lounge furniture, and even a red carpet.

Q: Do you have a sound system on board?

Answer: We provide speakers and mics, and we can arrange a DJ at an additional cost.

Q: Can we do any decorating or branding on the boat?

Answer: Yes, decorating and branding are possible upon request, with a 3hr set up time prior to departure.

Q: What is the minimum hours we can charter the boat?

Answer: The minimum charter duration is 2 hours.

Q: What is the route?

Answer: The route includes the Marina canal, JBR, and Al Ain wheel.

Set sail with Xclusive Yachts and craft memories that will be cherished forever amidst the unparalleled beauty of Dubai.