How to Save Money on Yacht Rental in Dubai

  • 10 May 2023

Are you planning to rent a yacht in Dubai, but you're worried about the cost? Don't worry. In this article, we'll share some tips and tricks on how to save money on a yacht rental in Dubai.


  • Why Dubai is a Popular destination for Yacht rental

  • The average cost of yacht rental in Dubai

Timing is Everything

  • Renting a yacht during the offseason

  • Booking in advance

  • Taking advantage of weekday discounts

Group Booking

  • Splitting the cost with a group

  • Choosing the right size yacht for your group

Choose the Right Yacht Rental Company

  • Comparing prices

  • Reading reviews

  • Negotiating prices

Bring Your Food and Drinks

  • Catering on a yacht can be expensive compared to cooking food at home and bringing it for your yacht trip.

  • Bringing your food and drinks can save you money

Consider Half-Day Rentals

  • Half-day rentals are less expensive than full-day rentals

  • Choosing the right time of day for a half-day rental

Go on a Weekday

  • Weekdays are less expensive than weekends

  • Choosing the right day for a weekday rental

Check for Special Deals

  • Keep an eye out for special deals and promotions

  • Following yacht rental companies on social media

Go for a Smaller Yacht

  • Smaller yachts are less expensive than larger yachts

  • Choosing the right size yacht for your group


Saving money on a yacht rental in Dubai is possible if you plan, choose the right yacht rental company, and take advantage of deals and promotions. Following these tips, you can enjoy a luxurious yacht experience in Dubai without breaking the bank.


What is the average cost of yacht rental in Dubai?

The average cost of yacht rental in Dubai is around AED 2,500 per hour.

Is it cheaper to rent a yacht during the off-season?

Yes, renting a yacht during the offseason can be less expensive.

How much can I save by booking a yacht rental in advance?

Booking a yacht rental in advance can save you up to 20% on the total cost.

Can I bring my food & drinks on a yacht?

You can bring your food and drinks on a yacht to save money.

Is it better to rent a smaller yacht to save money?

Yes, renting a smaller yacht can be less expensive than renting a larger yacht.

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