The 'High Tea at Sea' concept has been launched by Xclusive Yachts

  • 06 Dec 2017
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If you thought Dubai had reached its peak of luxurious living, then think again. Residents can now have high tea on a luxury yacht.

It's not an average Dubai yacht. Celebs like Craig David, boxer Amir Khan, Gigi Hadid and the Fast and the Furious actors have boarded onto this cruise vessel for private photo shoots.

The 'High Tea at Sea' concept has been launched by Xclusive Yachts after receiving an increasing number of demands from clients to add daytime activities. It already operates for sunset cruises.

"The idea here is that Dubai doesn't have much to do, especially in the sea. Having high tea in the sea is innovative. You can have high tea in the Burj Al Arab or the Madinat, but you can't have in the sea, until now at least," said Amit Patel, the managing director of Xclusive Yachts.

"It's a new theme so we can give our clients something to do. People come in during daytime and they say they want food, they want to have lunch and we had to tell them to wait a couple of hours for the sunset cruise. But with this, they can have food in the daytime."

Patel said the target audience is mainly Western nationalities, however, they've seen a growing interest from expats from the Middle Eastern region.

"This cruise fills the daytime void. There's brunch, but people don't want to drink, so they prefer high tea," he said.

The High Tea at Sea cruise will operate twice each week and can carry up to 200 people on each trip. The management team at Xclusive Yachts had been planning this type of cruise for months.

"It required a lot of planning right from choosing the right caterers that could best match the level of quality and service that Xclusive offers. Everything now up in place, we are excited to announce the launch this week" said Simon, the sales director for Xclusive Yachts.

Other services offered by Xclusive Yachts are yacht chartering, guided sightseeing tours, dinner or sunset cruise, fishing sport, lazy lagoon, speed boats and now High-Tea.

Spend Dh175, experience the cruise 

Visit for more information Xclusive Cruise Afternoon Tea Cruise

The High Tea at Sea cruise will operate twice each week and can carry up to 200 people on each trip.

The two-hour high tea cruise takes passengers from Dubai Marina to the Burj Al Arab and back at a price of Dh150 per person.

Besides, views of the Marina and Palm Jumeirah, the package includes food and tea that is catered by The Address Hotel.

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