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Thank you very much, everything was great. Kids, ny wife abd me as well, liked that trip and service of your company very very very very very much. Thank you very much

20 Aug 2013 48ft Yacht

Fabrizio Compagnucci

thank you for the really special cruise with your 48ft, we had really a good time with the full assistance from the crew and capt., is a really exclusive experience for a reasonable price , that if you compare to italian rates is realy low cost. Im sure i will have again some time for the cruise in my next travel there so i will be happy to deal with mr Ron again.

12 Aug 2013 48ft Yacht


The experience was excellent. My wife and I really enjoyed our time on the boat and we wish to do it again but for a longer time slot. The Captain and crew member represented your company in a very professional manner. I would definitely prefer to utilize the same two guys on my next booking if they are available. The cake and the flowers were incredible and we appreciate the timeliness of the Rolls-Royce and departure time.

28 Jun 2013 48ft Yacht


Let me tell you, this has been one of the most amazing and memorable event for me and my fiancé. She loved the event and the night, and that what matters the most to me.. I want to thank you personally, and everyone who made any effort on this night, no matter what their part. I want to deeply thank Cha who helped me with the reservation, the caption who was so welcoming and friendly, the crew attendant, the Rolls Royce driver. I can assure you, you didn't only when a happy and returning customer, but a free advertisement and recommendation to everyone I know.

20 Jun 2013 48ft Yacht


I am so delighted with the service and arrangements by you people. I was extremely happy on the upgrade that was give. I will strongly recommend your yachts to all my friends. I am surely going come to you whenever I need Yachts cruise. Thanks for such a nice arrangement. Regards

20 May 2013 48ft Yacht

Syed Awais Ahmed

All was very good. Cleints had a great time and the staff were very flexible and helpful. A big thank you to Sai as well for helping me organize this.

15 May 2013 48ft Yacht

Francesca McGeary

Thank you for your email and request for feedback for your service. Myself and my guests had a wonderful time on board the yacht. Both the captain and the crew member were very polite and professional at all times. They could not have been more helpful. All the facilities were to an excellent standard and so clean. We will definitely be returning again to book with you. We thoroughly enjoyed our time.

09 May 2013 48ft Yacht

Vicki Martin

Thank you again – we always love the boat trips and will definitely book another one soon! We didn’t have much interaction with the captain but Pradeep was very helpful.

03 May 2013 48ft Yacht


It was a wonderful experience.. all of us enjoyed.. Thank you all very much. Pradeep and Edwin were absolutely fantastic. We had a fabulous time.. Thank you once again.. we will be talking soon!

01 May 2013 48ft Yacht


Thanks, everything was perfect! Standard of yacht, service, etc – we had a great time, thanks! Looking forward to next time already!

20 Apr 2013 48ft Yacht

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