Dubai Yacht Reviews

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Vimal Patel

Amazing day and the best in the business in Dubai

26 May 2020 70ft Yacht


The team are absolutely wonderful,

25 May 2020 62ft Yacht

Joana Torres

Was a great getaway during lockdown and relaxing weekend activity! The staff was super friendly and respectful, we definitely recommend this crew to any group!

24 May 2020 70ft Yacht

Angie Moore

Fantastic experience!!! We had an excellent Captain!

23 May 2020 56ft Luxury Yacht

Ron D

Great yacht. Large with full air conditioning living room, a top deck and a sunbathing Deck!! Great staff and service.

21 May 2020 52ft Yacht

Saa ullah

One of the best yacht crew i have ever seen. I think captain aseef and other crew members were helpful in making my trip pleasant.

15 May 2020 52ft Yacht


The most amazing day!!! Highly recommended! Service from start to finish was excellent thank you for a great day

13 Mar 2020 65ft Luxury Yacht

Hayley Ballantine

Had a lovely morning on the yacht. Everyone was very kind and helpful, will definitely book again.

09 Mar 2020 52ft Yacht

Miguel Hernandez

It was a fantastic experience thanks to Captain Aseef, Fajal and Mike.

06 Mar 2020 53ft Yacht

Tommy Edney

Excellent service from start to finish

05 Mar 2020 78ft Luxury Yacht

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