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Feedback is excellent.We very much enjoyed our experience w/Xclusive and its very profesional crew

  Brene Monk, 02 April 2015, Xclusive 12 (78ft)


Everyone had a great time and the Captain and the crew were fantastic.The yacht was clean, crew was very helpful and really looked after us, and even the loading and unloading of foodstuff was painless. It was It was hassle free and the customer experience was very good.I will definitely use your company again for any future trips.

  Faraf, 21 March 2015, Xclusive 12 (78ft)


We’d like to sincerely thank you for the Yacht trip yesterday,We’d like to sincerely thank you for the Yacht trip yesterday.The staff (Manimaran Ravi, Rhyan Crisostomo) were extremely courteous & the entire experience was great.I’ve received a very good review from my boss who was on that trip & he was all praises for your team.

  Khushnawaz, 16 March 2015, Xclusive 10 (53ft)


Thank you very much for your kind email. We loved: - the posh red carpet entrance - that we were able to board 30 min. early to get set up - your great sound system - the amazing layout of the boat and seating area, both upstairs and downstairs - the high end products in the bathroom the kind and attentive 5 star service with preparing drinks,cooking abd serving food, and keeping the boat spotless and clean throughout our voyage - the professionalism and patience of all staff members

  Dana Sherri, 13 March 2015, Xclusive 10 (53ft)


We have just returned from a 5 hour private cruise today for my wifes birthday. Over all it was a good experience but it was almost ruined by the so called 'chef' on board. He had a fire going - yes, a fire on the BBQ for quite some time, making it almost impossible to stay on top of the boat. Then he just left it for the other crew members to handle and 1/3rd of the food burned.

  Emmet, 10 March 2015, Xclusive 10 (53ft)


You all were absolutely great. Everyone from Rassim, Ron, and Maria were first class I have already referred you all to 2 other friends! The crew and Captain were great!

  Paul Dykes, 07 March 2015, Xclusive 16 (84ft)


Thank you Team, It was Superb

  Arun, 04 March 2015, Xclusive 17 (88ft)


Our guests enjoyed this experience on your boat with your staff

  Adriana, 02 March 2015, Xclusive 17 (88ft)


I have nothing but good things to say about the whole afternoon, the boat was spotless ,the crew attentive and polite and every whim was catered for.

  Peter Murphy, 02 March 2015, Xclusive 10 (53ft)


We had a great time and the crew were very helpful.It was unfortunate that our trip was spoilt by the coast guard holding us up for 1 hour!

  Rakesh Patel, 01 March 2015, Xclusive 10 (53ft)