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we were not satisfied on the services provided to us. We were very upset where we were expecting a"5 star service" as keyty promised us.

  Sharjah ladies Club, 02 February 2017, Xclusive 8 (90ft)


We had wonderful time on your Yacht Xclusive 10 on 24th Feb.Our friends and we appreciate the good services received from your crew Ramalingam & Rhyan.They were very helpful and courteous. Capt. Raj guided us very efficiently and very helpful

  Samuel, 02 December 2016, Xclusive 10 (53ft)


The trip was excellent and the crew were wonderful.Ron was very responsive with my many enquiries and for that I'm gratefulThe boat was lovely The only criticisms were the pumps did not work in the toilets

  Salie, 02 August 2016, Xclusive 10 (53ft)


The cruise operation was extremely disappointing.I haven’t heard since from Xclusive Yacht although I’m waiting for a reply

  Emanuela, 02 July 2016, Xclusive 12 (78ft)


We had a very good trip and would highly recommend Xclusive Yachts

  Babita, 02 May 2016, Xclusive 10 (53ft)


Feedback is excellent.We very much enjoyed our experience w/Xclusive and its very profesional crew

  Brene Monk, 02 April 2016, Xclusive 12 (78ft)


Very nice we had a fun, then captain and crew were very nice and friendly

  Terry Bee, 02 February 2016, Xclusive 17 (88ft)


The yacht experience was good but the organizing of the food which we ordered in advance was not taken care off.

  Juliet Lowe, 02 December 2015, Xclusive 17 (88ft)


Thank you so much for all kind operation and assistance to our guests on 12th Feb. Our guest enjoyed the experience and complimented that everything had been well organized There is one suggestion on the taste of food, which could be better and have an improvement

  Sihui Liang-Al Tayer, 02 December 2015, Xclusive 8 (90ft)


Everyone had a great time and the Captain and the crew were fantastic.The yacht was clean, crew was very helpful and really looked after us, and even the loading and unloading of foodstuff was painless. It was It was hassle free and the customer experience was very good.I will definitely use your company again for any future trips.

  Faraf, 21 March 2015, Xclusive 12 (78ft)